Take Action

Join us in the pursuit of economic justice for workers. To achieve this, the Central Labor Council relies on an active membership. In the ongoing struggle for workplace equality, workers’ rights are violated, and good-paying jobs are scarce. That’s why we actively engage with the community.


Partnering with various groups and officials, we lead in economic debates, focusing on issues from minimum wage to retirement security. Through leadership training, workplace actions, and civic projects, we empower our members. Together, with “People Power,” we can change lives. Join us. Get involved!

Join a Union

Forming a union empowers you and your colleagues to fight for better pay, safer working conditions, and retirement security, to combat retaliation, racial discrimination, and sexual harassment in the workplace, and so much more. It’s simple: forming a union means having a real voice on the job.

Contact voters

Valley Forward is a youth leadership organization dedicated to advancing social and economic justice initiatives in the San Joaquin Valley. Valley Forward’s purpose is to organize neighborhoods around civic participation by mentoring young leaders to communicate with Valley residents.

attend a workshop

The Empowerment Institute serves as an intersection for workers’ rights, policy discussions, and activism. The Central Labor Council hosts monthly workshops for community engagement, monthly classes for all levels of activism, and helps build connections and trust in the Central Valley.