Seeking an Endorsement?

The Central Labor Council endorses candidates for many municipal and judicial races in Fresno, Madera, Tulare, and Kings counties. The Council also makes endorsement recommendations to the California Labor Federation for state and federal races, which are taken up at constitutional conventions during election years. To be considered for an endorsement or recommendation in the current election cycle, please email us to request a questionnaire.

What is the CLC endorsement process?

Every candidate seeking an endorsement must complete a questionnaire and undergo an interview with the Central Labor Council Executive Board. Here’s a detailed look at our process:

  1. Questionnaire: Candidates begin by completing a detailed questionnaire to help the Central Labor Council determine which candidates are qualified to be interviewed for endorsement.
  2. Interview: The Executive Board of the Central Labor Council conducts interviews with qualified candidates where questionnaires are reviewed
  3. Review and Recommendation: The Board makes a recommendation based on the interview and questionnaire. Endorsement recommendations require a 2/3 vote by the Board.
  4. Delegate Body Vote: Recommendations by the Board are presented to the Central Labor Council delegate body at the end of each month. Endorsements are confirmed only at these meetings and require a 2/3 vote by the delegate body.
  5. Final Decision: Once an endorsement is granted, no further interviews will be conducted for that race unless there are exceptional circumstances, which will be individually evaluated.

By adhering to this thorough process, the Central Labor Council ensures that our endorsements are well-considered and reflect the best interests of the communities we serve.

For more information on seeking an endorsement, please contact us.