Coronavirus Resources & Information

Dillon Savory / March 23, 2020 /

Click here for the AFL-CIO’s COVID-19 Resources

Click here for the California Labor Federation’s COVID-19 Resources

The current situation with the Coronavirus has hit Central California, leaving many in our community concerned and confused. As announcements stream in about emergency procedures and canceled events, we assure you that the San Joaquin Valley Labor Movement is working around the clock to ensure our members are protected.

Last week, Governor Newsom issued an executive order on the Coronavirus that includes waiving the one-week waiting period for unemployment and disability insurance. Read the Governor’s entire response here. 

Fresno Mayor Lee Brand and the Fresno City Council has also issued new orders to protect city residents from the spread of the coronavirus. A full detail of the city’s response can be found here.

We will continue to update our affiliates and their members as the situation progresses.  In the meantime, we encourage everyone to be safe and use the utmost precautions to protect yourself and others.