CLC Local Endorsements – Primaries 2016

CLC Staff / June 1, 2016 /

Sometimes, the Labor Council is helping organize a strike or picket line. Other times we are in Sacramento helping educate our representatives on legislation that will change the fortunes of mistreated workers. Right now, however, the Labor Council is reaching out to our 95,000 union families about which local elections will be essential to helping us advance the middle class in our Valley.

One of our missions in 2016 is to educate both union families, and candidates running for local office, about the issues facing our local economy and our quality of life. When we do this successfully, the right people are elected and the best policies for working families are made into law.

To accomplish this mission, your Executive Board has been hosting candidate forums and interviews for local offices. The process is ongoing but we wanted to share our first endorsements with you right away. While no public official is perfect, we hope you will consider joining us in voting for these candidates.

-Dillon Savory, CLC Political Director



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